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An anime/manga fandom fanfic challenge community

5x_Five - five fanfic challenges
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An anime/manga fandom fanfic challenge community
Hello and welcome to 5x_five!

This is an anime and manga fanfic challenge community.

Now what is the 5 all about?
Well my friends, it indicates how many challenges we will eventually have available to you guys.
And who doesn't love a good fanfic challenge every once in a while?

To get started, just follow this little list:
1. Have a look at the rules
2. Join the community
3. Check the Claimed List (If the fandom you want isn't on there, chances are it's available)
4. Hit the Make a Claim? page and make a request
5. Wait to hear back from me so you can get started putting your fics up.

Please note, this is a brand new community so I'm still working on getting everything in order here.

Rules :
1. No slash/yaoi/yuri. Het couples only. There are other communities to join if you dislike this rule.
2. Only 2 claims per person. But if you've finished with one, you're allowed to pick up another.
3. A claim consists of one character or a pairing (two characters). Threesome's are not allowed unless they're het.
4. No deadlines. Life is too stressful for deadlines.
5. All fics should be under an LJ-cut. Be considerate of other users!
6. Ratings for each fic can be up to the fanfiction.net rating of M (like the NC-17 or R rating at the theater) but if you do want to use that particular rating, make it tasteful please. And I would appreciate it if you would message me to have it approved first.

After looking at the rules, just click the community name : 5x_five and use the links in the nav bar on the left side.